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Enterprise Integration

Is your business fully benefiting from the latest in integration technology?

As an industry, we are currently facing one of the most prolific shifts in technology—it's a modern day revolution with the move to cloud computing, cloud-based SaaS services and mobile computing. So as a business owner or IT manager, you are probably asking yourself:

How do I take advantage of all the benefits of these new technologies, but still leverage my existing investment in traditional systems and applications?

Maybe you're looking for help with enterprise or legacy system integration. What about custom application integration, data integration, mobile or SaaS integration?

Good news! Riptide has years of experience integrating hundreds of small to large, complex enterprise systems and cloud-based services, and we can help you with any integration needs you may have.

Riptide leverages modern web service technology standards and integration platforms such as:


Connect your applications and systems wherever they are—on-premise, data center, or in the Cloud—it doesn't matter!

Mule ESB

There’s a reason Mule ESB is the world’s biggest platform for application integration.

Trying to integrate multiple applications, services, or even legacy systems can be painful and costly, but Mule ESB transforms the integration process making it simpler and easier than ever before. Mule ESB takes the pain out of integrating your enterprise by giving you an out-of-the-box solution that rests on a singular, open platform that includes:

  • Service Mediation for business logic that is separated from message formats and protocols resulting in maximum scalability and rapid development.
  • Message Routing based on content or complex rules that can be filtered, aggregated, or re-sequenced as needed.
  • Data Transformation takes place across any format, protocols, or types of data—along with enhanced security capabilities.
  • Event Handling is made easy with Mule ESB’s support of synchronous and asynchronous events, transactions, streaming, routing patterns, and SEDA architecture.
  • Service Orchestration for message flows that support SOA initiatives.
  • Service Creation & Hosting allows for functionality to be organized into an efficient standards-based architecture. Hosting of existing services can be done through lightweight service containers.
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Connect your enterprise in one, easy-to-use cloud!

CloudHub is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that gives you the ability to develop and offer repeatable integration applications all without the need to create custom code. The simple framework makes it possible to connect any on-site or cloud applications in a matter of days, not weeks. And, CloudHub offers countless pre-made integration apps to connect and automate many popular business processes such as the “hire-to-payroll process” or the “order-to-invoice workflow.”

To learn more about how CloudHub can help fuel your business productivity, call Riptide today at 800-747-8433. Our expert team of MuleSoft developers can get your project off the ground and into the cloud in no time!

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Riptide Software Stacks the Deck for Online Business. Deepstacks University delivers on-demand video-based training 24/7 through a virtual poker training platform. Riptide developed Deepstacks in the Cloud leveraging AWS and Mule ESB. Read Case Study

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