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Cloud Services

Custom Courseware Solutions & E-learning Development

We’ve been delighting our commercial business-learning clients for over 8 years. Our cutting-edge approach to distance learning, custom courseware and e-learning systems development is a key to the growth we've experienced.

Effective e-learning requires more than reading text, clicking buttons or answering questions. Maybe it’s part of your plan to deliver m-learning to a cross section of your learners. Your business problems require a learner experience that works for your culture, or the audience you are trying to reach. Effective distance learning provides a memorable experience. It is not optional for you to deliver training that fails to affect the learner. You have time and money invested in your mission critical requirements and you need to have a good return on that investment (ROI). Riptide can help your ROI in your training and e-learning communications.

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Connect your LMS to Salesforce.com

Do you need training and certification results to automatically update into your Salesforce account? More and more businesses are using Salesforce to manage and distribute client, affiliate, and employee training as well as other aspects of their daily business. Riptide has "in-house" expertise in Salesforce and learning technologies. You don’t have to go through the effort of finding a new learning management system (LMS) to get at world class CRM features.

A Salesforce connector for your LMS can help:

  • Set up rules and triggers to deliver training
  • Manage curriculum of your LMS and activities in one place
  • Add automation to partner and customer training
  • Manage unique types of training like certifications, exams or special reports
  • Overcome the lack of CRM in your LMS

e-Learning for Behavior Training

If you’re trying to affect the behavior of an individual there are sound techniques to do so. Challenging the learner in context with scenarios is a great way to start. We choose the most effective instructional design tools and methods to deliver your behavior training. Our award-winning team is ready to respond directly to your e-learning needs with instructional design, graphic design, project management, mobile application and courseware development.

Create New e-Learning Content

What are you trying to teach? Do you need brand new course content? We start with discovery, define learning objectives, create a blueprint and a plan, and define the learner flow through module, lesson or topic.

Convert your Distance Learning Content

If you have an existing course library but you are looking to go beyond the page-turner approach. Using best practices in distance learning and technology, we can convert your existing courses from Deck or PowerPoint type presentational training into today’s blended media. You should be able to deliver your e-learning content to all form factors, mobile, tablet, computer and TV.

Update or Upgrade your Courses

We can work with subject matter experts to review your course content and make recommendations for improving the learning experience. Update your e-learning or m-learning course material into engaging, interactive courseware.

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