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Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The benefits of using Amazon Web Services in your business are as wide open as the sky itself. Thousands of businesses have shifted their entire infrastructures to the cloud, and watched as their problems plummeted and their profits soared, and Riptide can help your business do the same.

Amazon Web Services has given businesses the tools they need to grow their enterprise on a much faster and wider scale than ever before, and as an Amazon Web Services solution provider, Riptide has the necessary skill and experience to move your business to the cloud in record time.

Why Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services was designed to alleviate businesses from having to provide all the expensive and maintenance-laden, "heavy computing power" themselves. By being able to outsource these services to Amazon Web Services, companies the world over have been able to reinvest the billions of dollars of savings into growing their businesses instead of maintaining them.

Furthermore, Amazon Web Services provides superior flexibility and dependability without sacrificing on support or scalability. Amazon Web Services offers a premium service that was once only available to large enterprises on a multi-million dollar IT budget. But now, through technological ingenuity, Amazon Web Services can provide all types of businesses—regardless of size or budget—the power and prestige of the cloud.

Uses for Amazon Cloud Services:

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Backup & Storage with Amazon S3

Businesses now have more data than ever that needs to be stored and backed-up in a safe, reliable, and highly scalable environment only the cloud could provide. Amazon's Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) has given thousands of customers this very solution, and more. Amazon S3 gives developers access to the same powerful and cost-efficient infrastructure Amazon uses to drive its own world-wide network of S3 Servers. Some developers have even created disaster recovery solutions via Amazon S3. Whatever your backup or storage needs may be, Riptide will help your company develop a solution that's right for you.

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Amazon EC2 High-Performance Computing

Businesses in need of high-performance computing power can benefit from Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), a virtually infinite supply of data-crunching power. Amazon EC2 allows developers to employ a vast amount of computing power within their programs—which can be applied across various compute instances, algorithms, programming languages, and operating systems—giving them the freedom to create more innovative and effective computing and data management solutions. Another pro for using Amazon EC2 is the cost savings generated by paying only for the amount of computing power you need, when you need it. Contact Riptide today to learn more about Amazon EC2 and how it can super-charge your business with increased power and increased savings!

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Application Hosting, Web Hosting, Any Hosting

No matter what type of hosting services you need—App, Web, Media, File, etc.—Riptide can help you find the most cost-effective Amazon Web Services solution for your hosting requirements, whatever they may be.

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Take advantage of a subscription-based pricing model by hosting your web application or "software" online with Amazon Web Services and enjoy easier upgrade paths to your own applications, faster market debuts, more accurate cost predictions, and recurring revenue streams.

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Enterprise IT / Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Maintaining an IT infrastructure is a relentlessly tiresome task for many companies, but with AWS, that task may no longer be necessary. The Amazon cloud provides a secure and reliable platform on which businesses can operate both internal- and external-facing applications in an on-demand cloud infrastructure environment that can save your company time, money, and valuable staff resources.

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Data Management & Database Solutions

Being able to access all your data quickly and conveniently is perhaps one of the biggest pluses of the Amazon cloud. Whether it's searching through the data in a database environment or simply being able to access your company's files, AWS offers several different solutions to accomplish your needs. The key is finding the right one for your organization, and Riptide's professionals can guide you into a data management solution that satisfies both your budget and technical requirements with ease.

Why Riptide?

Cloud computing has changed the way the world does business. It has made access to data easier, more manageable, and more cost-effective for companies, which directly enhances the bottom line of any business choosing to migrate to the cloud. But there is a great deal of pre-planning and strategizing involved in moving a business to the cloud, and while Amazon may provide the cloud, it doesn't provide the travel service to get you there. That's where the professionals at Riptide come in. At Riptide, we have deployed dozens of cloud migrations for all types of companies. We know the ins and outs of getting the job done to the most efficient scale possible, and we know you'll appreciate the effort of getting the job done right the first time.

So what are you waiting for? Call Riptide today and learn how your business could benefit from the power and efficiency of the cloud. And you'll be pleased to know that we can have your business running full-scale in the cloud in as little as two weeks, depending on the size and scope of your organization and its needs. Give us a call or email us today, and you'll see why migrating to the cloud is the best move you can make!

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