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Salesforce Training Programs

Riptide’s Salesforce user training and Salesforce administrator certification ensures your success in all aspects, by using our custom Salesforce Training Programs.

Our experienced, Salesforce-authorized, training team is extremely proficient in technical training for Salesforce administrators and Salesforce end-users alike. No matter what the subject or the audience, we will develop a Salesforce training program that fits your needs. Any of our Salesforce training programs can be custom-tailored to your specific Salesforce instance so you receive a training course that will benefit you immediately. Riptide provides Salesforce training nationwide and training can be done remotely or onsite based on your needs and your client’s needs & preferences.

Take a Look at Our Online Training CoursesSalesforce Training

In order to provide you with the highest quality training, Riptide will:

Salesforce Training

Assess the training needs and requirements of your organization

Salesforce Admin Training

Assess the design and functionality of your Salesforce instance

Salesforce.com training

Develop customized training material in digital and/or video format

Salesforce Administrator Training

Instruct your team using the custom-designed training program developed exclusively for your Salesforce instance

Your organization is guaranteed to benefit from any of our information-packed Salesforce training programs-all perfectly tuned to your Salesforce instance perfectly to the rhythm of your unique business.

Salesforce Administrator Training

Being the Salesforce Administrator for your team is no easy task, but with Riptide's customized training options, you can be a faster, better-equipped, and more knowledgeable asset to your team members than ever before. Our Salesforce Administrator Training is built around your needs and the needs of your users, encompassing any Salesforce training topics that you can imagine. We have been training companies just like yours to use Salesforce for many years, and our varied training packages range from brief overview options to in-depth customized training on specific features within your Salesforce instance. Some of our most popular training packages are listed below:

Salesforce Platinum Training Program

Platinum Training Program

4-Day Administrator Training Option

Includes 1 Instructor for 4, 8-hour days of customized training. Recommended class size is four people or less.

Salesforce Gold Training Program

Gold Training Program

2-Day Administrator Training Option

Includes 1 Instructor for 2, 8-hour days of customized training. Recommended class size is four people or less.

Salesforce Silver Training Program

Silver Training Program

4 Half-Day Administrator Training Option

Includes 1 Instructor for 4, 4-hour days of customized training. Recommended class size is four people or less.

Salesforce Bronze Training Program

Bronze Training Program

Per-Day Administrator Training Option

Includes 1 Instructor for 1, 8-hour day of customized training. Recommended class size is four people or less.

Salesforce Visual Workflow Training

After implementing Salesforce, companies are always trying to find way to increase data accuracy, efficiency in data input, and automation. Salesforce Flows allow you to create step-by-step processes that have the ability to collect information, create/update/delete/reference records from Salesforce, and display information to individuals without having to login to Salesforce. The greatest feature of Flows is the ability to do all of this with CLICKS NOT CODE!!!

In the Riptide Flow Training Class you will learn to create flows for real time situations that can propel your company to the next level. To get a better understanding of how Flows are actually implemented take a look at our demos below:

Salesforce Visual Workflow Training Videos

Salesforce Visual Workflow Desktop Designer

Salesforce Visual Workflow Cloud Designer

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Salesforce Online Training Courses

Salesforce Online Training

Recieve 4 information-packed days of instructor-led training including Q&A sessions with your certified instructor. Register Today!


Sharon Abdon | Appexchange Review


"The instructor was thorough, the agenda was well thought-out for a group that wasn't quite sure what they wanted, and the topics offered many areas for brainstorming etc... Would highly recommend Riptide's Training Resources to anyone who is looking to learn or improve their Salesforce tool."