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Salesforce Integration

Riptide has been helping companies like yours with Salesforce integrations for many years—and with the proven success you'd expect from an industry leader. At Riptide, we have handled all kinds of Salesforce integrations ranging from simple, cloud-based manipulations to the most complex of real-time integrations where multiple systems communicate with each other. To learn what kind of Salesforce integration would best suit your business needs, we first need to assess the problem.

Salesforce Integration

The Problem

Each independent system in your company handles important business process functions needed to complete the operational tasks your organization requires. Each system is different, and none of them integrate well with one another—if at all—and for many businesses this is a big problem. All of that important data is isolated—inaccessible to business analytics and reporting statistics—leaving executives and management unable to use that data to help them make critical business decisions. The problem is that these "silos" of systems don't communicate or share data—often meaning the same data must be duplicated across the various systems (which can result in data inconsistencies) or time-consuming manual tasks must be performed in order to export and manipulate the data.

In the past, IT departments would attempt to make these disparate systems communicate, but they were only able to do so much, and oftentimes, their efforts resulted in overly complex and brittle processes which tended to cause more problems than they could reasonably support.

Salesforce Integration Is the Solution

Integrating your company's complex systems into one centralized, cloud-accessible platform has never been easier or more important for your business. From ERP, HR, and financial systems, to intricate call centers and Point-of-Sale platforms—all of these systems and more can be integrated under one roof with Salesforce. Riptide's team of certified architects, developers, and consultants can build a fully integrated and secure Salesforce environment wherein your company can efficiently perform all necessary tasks. No more will your employees be re-entering data, shuffling through piles of documents, have lost, insufficient, or inconsistent information, and no more wasted efforts. Your staff can now operate at their peak proficiency, and be happier doing it because you've given them the tools they need to be successful.

Our Salesforce integration services include:

  • Full-Scale Enterprise and Cloud Integrations
  • Enterprise HR, ERP, Financial, Call Center, POS, Logistics, and Legacy Systems
  • Salesforce, Google, Social Media, Amazon Web Services
  • Batch Data Integration, ETL, and Scheduled Import Processes
  • Deltek Integration
  • And many more

Connect Your Clouds Together

The Salesforce cloud is just one of many service clouds your company may be using. Amazon Web Services, Google Apps, and the social media cloud—including Facebook and Twitter—are some of the other popular clouds businesses use, and Riptide can help you connect them all together with the Salesforce force.com platform. The Cloud integration possibilities with your Salesforce environment are truly endless. Give us a call today to learn how we can integrate your clouds, complex systems and infrastructures working together efficiently in the convenience of the Salesforce cloud!

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Salesforce FAQs

Get answers to the most-asked questions we've received from clients. If you don't see the answer to a question you have, send us your query via our CloudPost feature and get an answer from one of our Salesforce pros! Go to the FAQs page


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"We had a fantastic experience working with Riptide to integrate our system – BriefingEdge -- with SalesForce... I would definitely recommend the Riptide team for their knowledge, professionalism, communication skills and bringing in our project ahead of schedule and within our budget!"