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Cloud Services

Salesforce Application Development Services

We are certified, Salesforce developers providing custom, Salesforce developer services to our clients looking to customize their Salesforce environment and develop targeted solutions for their projects and product development initiatives. Our certified Salesforce developers are expert architects who have extensive experience in all aspects of Salesforce development and integration for the Force.com development platform.

We offer a full range of Salesforce developer services that focus on all top cloud platforms such as Force.com, Amazon Web Services, and Google App Engine. Our team of Salesforce developers strive to fully understand the vision of our clients and develop high-quality solutions that align with their specific business objectives and budget.

Today, businesses can significantly reduce time-to-market and project timelines by leveraging the rapid application development nature of the cloud, while building a more scalable, flexible, and accessible Salesforce application. This is all possible because cloud platforms enable Salesforce developers to focus their time and energy on the specific business requirements instead of working on infrastructure components such as messaging, middleware, or application servers.

Salesforce Development on the Force.com Platform

Custom Objects, Formulas, and Workflow

Salesforce provides a native Salesforce development environment inside the user interface for quick development tasks like calculations. Riptide's Salesforce developers utilize the latest technology and skill sets in order to get your Salesforce environment running at full capacity and optimum efficiency for your organization.


The Force.com development platform runs on the Apex programming language, which is quite similar to the Java programming language. Made of compiled code, this technology can be used to modify or develop Salesforce or create all-new Salesforce applications on the Force.com developer platform. Apex is mostly used to develop database triggers and often to perform data-intensive tasks, scheduled jobs, or complex web service integrations.

Visual Force

Visualforce enables Salesforce developers to have complete control over the user experience, giving them the ability to create an entirely customized look and feel. Visualforce technology is also used by Salesforce to develop Force.com Sites which developers can integrate with Salesforce on the Force.com platform.


The diversity of Database.com makes building next-generation business applications in the cloud simple. Apps that run natively can be connected using Database.com's Salesforce developer SDK's and API's, and they can be integrated into mobile platforms. Database.com includes a social data model that simplifies building apps with profiles, status updates, news feeds, and groups. Building your database in the cloud is possible with Database.com and can include a wide array of features like tables, fields, and relationships. It's massively scalable, systematically backed-up, and automatically upgrades.

The diversity of Database.com makes it easy to build next-generation business applications in the cloud. Database.com has Salesforce developer SDK's and API's for connecting apps that run natively and integrate into mobile platforms. It also includes a social data model that makes it easy to build apps with profiles, status updates, news feeds, and groups.

Riptide can build your apps in any programming language and run them on any platform or device, like an iPhone or iPad, Android, or Blackberry. They can all securely access Database.com through standards-based API?s.

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Anthony Zybak | Appexchange Review


"We have been using Riptide for a couple of years now to do development work for us and have been extremely happy with the services they provide... We are very heavy users of Salesforce and have built a lot of customizations within it. We wouldn't be able to run our business as efficiently as we do without the work they have provided for us."