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Riptide Gitter

Riptide Gitter is an innovative app that provides the flexibility of managing GitHub repositories and issues directly within Salesforce. All changes from GitHub and Salesforce are consolidated and it gives developers complete transparency to the entire development process—all from within Salesforce.

Riptide Gitter

GitHub Meets Salesforce and Chatter

If you're looking for a more efficient way to track many aspects of your development projects from one location, Riptide Gitter is the app for you.

Gitter is a powerful, developer integration tool between Salesforce and GitHub that utilizes both V3 of the GitHub REST API and native Salesforce development tools including Apex and VisualForce. It also employs Custom Objects, Custom Settings, and Chatter to function as a "bridge" between Salesforce and GitHub.

Essentially, Gitter is a collection of Schedulable Apex classes that run in the background to sync the latest data from your GitHub account to your Salesforce account. You can create Repositories and Issues, and comment on issues directly from Salesforce and have that new data propagated to your GitHub account. Get it Now!


  • Easy Product Configuration — Installs in under 10 minutes with our easy-to-use Gitter Product Configuration Instructons.
  • No Training Required — Gitter requires no special training to install or configure. Once it's setup, It works seamlessly in the background of Salesforce.
  • Zero Maintenance — Once configured, there is no need for any interaction with Gitter.
  • Data Replication — Repositories, Issues, and Comments are replicated between GitHub and Salesforce.
  • Simplifies Development Process — Developers can keep track of all development activities in one, convenient location from within Salesforce.
  • Chatter Integration — Gitter is fully integrated with Salesforce's Chatter to notify and alert users of any commit activity.

Features and Benefits

  • Keep Tabs on GitHub Repositories — Efficiently manage your GitHub repositories all from within Salesforce, saving you the hassle of going back and forth between Salesforce and GitHub.
  • Track Issues — See any issues logged against your various projects directly from Salesforce
  • Log New Issues — New issues can be created and existing issues can be commented on directly from Salesforce.
  • Easily Track Development Progress — By tracking all aspects of your development projects within Salesforce, you can more efficiently manage your development resources.
  • Follow Commit Activity Through Chatter — Your whole development team can now see all commit activity for each repository through Chatter, and comment on the changes on a project-wide basis.
AppExchange Certified, 5 Star Rating

Chris E | Appexchange Review


"This app is a great way to keep the entire team up to date on commits. It is basically a Jenkins for Salesforce/Chatter. Also love that I can track issues within Salesforce rather than having to goto Github or run a separate app. Was pretty easy to setup. So far, no complaints from the rest of the development team."

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