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Riptide FairShare

Riptide FairShare allows sales teams to share commissions on deals that were closed together in Salesforce. In addition, a sales organization can set specific sales goals and commission levels that give full transparency to sales and management teams.

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Fairshare allows you to share commissions

Product Description

The FairShare app accomplishes multiple tasks associated with sharing and dividing commissions. FairShare lets you define sales quotas and commissions for each user, track sales progress on defined sales quotas, calculate opportunity revenues towards sales quotas, determine commissions earned, and most importantly, enables commissions to be shared across any opportunity that was a joint sales effort.

If your company encourages team-based selling, has senior and junior partner teams, or even has individual sales people wanting an easier way to see their commissions, then FairShare is the app that will allow you to track quotas and commissions like never before.

Features and Benefits

Define Sales QuotasDefine Sales Quotas

Define a sales quota for any timeframe for up to 3 commission tiers and 3 corresponding revenue tiers.

3 corresponding revenue tiersAutomatically Apply Revenues

When an opportunity is closed, the revenue is automatically applied toward any sales quotas associated with that opportunity for the timeframe in which it was closed.

revenue is automatically applied toward any sales quotasIndividual Commission Calculation

When an opportunity revenue is applied toward a sales person’s quota, the commissions will automatically calculate based on the defined commission and revenue tiers.

Joint Commission SharingJoint Commission Sharing

Allows you to easily define the percentage of an opportunity’s revenue that should go toward each sales person's sales quota.

Dashboards & ReportsDashboards & Reports

Gain a full understanding in real time of the progress your sales team is making toward their goals.

Encourage Team-Based SellingEncourage Team-Based Selling

FairShare allows sales people to easily define exactly who is helping them with a deal and how much of a split they deserve.

Easy Goal Setting & ManagingEasy Goal Setting & Managing

Sales managers can easily create sales quota records on a month-to-month, year-to-year—or any other timeframe—basis for their sales teams.

Transparency of Goals & CommissionsTransparency of Goals & Commissions

Management will have the ability to see exactly what goals are set for the sales reps, who is reaching their goals, who is exceeding their goals, and how much in commissions is being paid out.

Clearly Defined ExpectationsClearly Defined Expectations

Sales people everywhere like to know two things at all times—One, "What progress have I made on my sales quota?" and two, "How much are my commissions?" With FairShare, your sales force will always know exactly where they stand.

Automatic CalculationsAutomatic Calculations

Riptide FairShare automatically applies opportunity revenue to sales quotas, calculates commissions, and calculates the remaining sales quota so that no more time is wasted on updating these numbers.

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AppExchange Certified, 5 Star Rating

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"Of all the companies I've worked with over the years, Riptide is by far the most helpful. They're not just in business to make a buck, they're there to really help their clients."

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