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Cloud Storage

Salesforce storage an issue? No Problem, you can store as much information as you need on your Amazon S3 server, which means that you are in control of your storage, not us.

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Storage an Issue?

Riptide Cloud Storage (RCS) leverages the power of cloud computing to maximize your storage space and minimize your storage costs on Salesforce.

Salesforce imposes a variety of constraints on how you manage documents as part of your sales process - limiting how much storage space you can use, forcing you to pay hundreds of dollars for extra storage space, preventing you from uploading large files, etc. Riptide has developed Cloud Storage to help you bypass those constraints and manage your documents however you want.

Riptide Cloud Storage allows you to associate as many files as you want, of any size you want, with any sales object you want for just pennies per gigabyte. We do this by leveraging the power of cloud computing to allow you to integrate Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) with Salesforce. For more information on S3, please visit http://s3.amazonaws.com. (An S3 account is a requirement for using Riptide Cloud Storage.)

Product Description

Unlike other cloud storage services available on the Salesforce AppExchange, Riptide Cloud Storage does not mark up the Amazon S3 storage costs. Once you configure your existing S3 account, RCS will allow you to upload attachments from any Salesforce object into the cloud. This means that you are in control of your storage, not us.

Riptide Cloud Storage also gives you the flexibility to manage multiple S3 accounts with multiple S3 buckets, and additional gives you the capability to store, default, configure, and search on useful metadata such as title, subject, author, description, and keywords.

Features & Benefits

  • You set up one or more Amazon S3 accounts
  • You sit down with your stakeholders and develop a cloud storage plan
  • You configure RCS by adding custom buttons and controls to your existing layouts
  • You train your users to use the Add Attachment button at the top of the page instead of the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the page
  • You start saving money on file storage
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