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Cloud Services

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Riptide's 17-Year History of Excellence

Where we've been and where we're going, consolidated into a 1-page brief... Success guaranteed!Full Article (.pdf)

Five Reasons to Choose Riptide as Your Development Partner

Riptide's focus on accountability and our customers' needs make choosing our team for your business easy. When you want your systems built or integrated right, the first time...Full Article (.pdf)

Riptide's Core Capabilities

From architecture support to technology selections and integration, Riptide has a wide range of experience and capabilities in today's most popular enterprise technology stacks...Full Article (.pdf)

Riptide's Real Estate Management Products

Riptide understands that an integrated solution developed by real estate industry experts, for real estate industry experts can make the difference between growing your business or falling behind. Riptide's real estate product suite provides all the core functionality required to run your real estate business using today's leading CRM platform in an inexpensive, on-demand software platform with no start-up fees and low monthly payments... Full Article (.pdf)

Riptide TRAX Products, Security for Your Software Applications that Guarantees Your Protection

Ever wonder if your customers have additional, unlicensed versions of YOUR software application installed ? Ever think it should be easier to turn the applications YOU sell on and off with the click of a button ? Using Riptide's TRAX program, an integrated 'phone home' security protocol guarantees that no one will ever use your product illegally again... Full Article (.pdf)

Riptide Reflection Products, Store and Access Your Data from Your Salesforce Platform Locally

Riptide understands that data stored in today's on-demand software systems like Salesforce can be difficult to access and they may not be protected the way YOU want your data protected. Now there is a solution to give control back to YOU. Reflect and store all your Salesforce data back to your local servers...Full Article (.pdf)

In the News
Riptide Software & Mule Team Up

Riptide Software & Mule ESB Stack the Deck for Online Business

Deepstacks University delivers on-demand video based training 24/7 through a virtual poker training platform developed by Riptide Software. Using cloud computing technologies integrated with the Mule ESB for rapid... View full article